BERЁZA is a family-owned brand. We are two brothers, and we come from Kostroma, central Russia.

It is a place on the bank of the great river Volga with incredible Russian nature and people – handymen, artisans. This is our homeland, our hearts belong here.

Like nowhere else, here in Kostroma there are especially many birches. People build houses, get warmth, make utensils and accessories from this tree. For us, the birch is a symbol of our homeland. That is why all our products bear this name – BERЁZA, which means birch in Russian.

Many people in Kostroma still go to the forest to pick berries and mushrooms, go fishing and still cook in traditional Russian stoves. They build houses and baths houses with their own hands, season firewood for winter and heat their houses with it. We used to do all these things, too. Our grandparents and fathers taught us all this. We were taught to work with an axe and a knife.

As time went on, one of us took up hunting professionally, and the other became a chef. Later, we decided to make knives, first for ourselves and now for you. We based our production on our own experience and the experience of the world’s leading knife manufacturers.

We started to use high-quality natural materials like metal, leather and wood.

Our knives are, first of all, simplicity and quality, beauty and functionality.
We try to make each product convenient and beautiful, putting our story and emotions into them.
We truly believe that by taking our knife in your hand you will feel it.

Sincerely yours,